Nuculus Stereo HMD Review

31 Aug 2017 | Sujay

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Nukeculus is a plugin for Nuke that helps in reviewing VR content directly from Nuke into Oculus HMD. This was created with an intention to provide a low-cost alternative to CaraVR’s HMD review functionality. Basically, if you are compositing a 360 Video in Nuke, it is important for you to get the preview of the video before rendering it. Nuke doesn’t have any feature built into it that will let you do this. They have a plugin called CaraVR which is pretty expensive and comes with few more features for VR compositing. This is kinda unaffordable for independent artists. This is the reason we wanted to create an alternative for this feature.

This was my second project at Viga Studios in the space of VR. This project gave me hands-on experience on Nuke C++ NDK which lets you create pretty cool stuff for Nuke. Also, I had dive deep into the Oculus SDK to understand its working. I also learned how to create a procedural sphere in CG. This was my first procedural mesh I had ever written for a live project. The major challenge here was to understand DirectX. For a beginner who just knew Unity front end, it was too much to digest. Although the whole rendering pipeline didn’t make much sense back then, I could somehow figure out ways to get the work done.

Overall it was a good starting point for me to understand a lot of concepts by creating something useful. This project was a huge boost to my morale as it gave me the confidence of figuring out the things that are needed to find the solution to the problem in hand. That is why this is one of the projects I will long remember.