VR Content Distribution For ILoveMondays

22 Jun 2018 | Sujay

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This was a project that we made for I Love Mondays. ILM is trying to help teenagers identify the careers that they love. The founder and CEO of ILM Mala Mary Marteena(MCube) want to see everyone love their Mondays, and the way she is doing that is to guide the teens to figure out the careers that they love. This is actually a very good cause, seeing the number of people who hates their job. It is important for the teenagers to be guided in a path that they can actually enjoy.

At the time we met ILM’s team, they were building an Android app called SORTED. ILM was trying to produce career based content in VR and wanted to distribute the same through their app. The VR content that they produced included 360 recordings of a usual day of professionals working on their career paths. The idea was to provide the teens, a sense of what the given career looks like in reality. They did an amazing job in reaching out to some of the well-known professionals in their careers to record their daily job.

The next challenge was to create an effective distribution channel to deliver the content to the teens through SORTED app. That’s where we stepped in. Having experience in building VR video players, and building Android plugins for Unity, we thought we can pull this off.

The VR video player was made in Unity and later was integrated with the Android native application. Integrating the Unity application with an Android native application was actually tricky. But we figured it out. There was a bit of procedural shape generation code that went into the Unity app, and the rest was about streaming the videos from the servers. I had to make sure that the integration with android happens properly, so spent a major chunk of time on getting that right. I worked with their Android Developers and got it SORTED.