CAVE VR: Nuclear Reactor-Failure-Case

25 Oct 2019 | Sujay

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After spending quite a lot of time on a bunch of VR headsets (Oculus, GearVR, Vive and Samsung Odyssey), I finally got to work on a different kind of VR setup. The CAVE VR setup felt like a different experience.

The purpose of the project was to demonstrate the failure cases that can cause a nuclear reactor meltdown and the contingency measures that are implemented to avoid a catastrophe. The experience was to be shown in the CAVE setup. My task was to build the VR experience in Unity. The team onsite was handling the deployment and hence I didn’t really have to bother about hardware and deployment specific problems.

Over a period of 8 weeks, I worked on building the interactive experience, including gameplay, scene development, shader development, lighting, programming, UI, optimizing, profiling, and testing. I worked with a few 3d artists who were developing the necessary assets. My mentor and colleague Vivek was providing a lot of feedback during the development of the project. There were some interesting challenges to solve. Some challenges were very specific to the project, but some problems were generic. To solve those generic problems we ended up creating a bunch of Unity scripts which were useful in a couple of subsequent projects as well.

(Procedural Pipe generation, Mesh combiner, and Inner Side Generator)